Yo to all, I'm Claus and my main fandoms are currently Evangelion, Free!, Attack on Titan, Dangan Ronpa, and lots of other gay shit. I translate manga and visual novels (I'll take requests - actually please tell me to translate things, I need practice) and if I ever have anything serious to say aka long rambling posts you can find it under the tag uselessahoge. I'm a homoromantic heterosexual ftm so please use he/him pronouns!
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New Character, Haiji Towa! (CV: Shinichiro Miki)

The leader of the Resistance, the adults’ secret base, formed in order to oppose the Soldiers of Hope. Could he be connected at all to the Towa Group who controls Towa City, the setting of this game?

(Well considering it’s the exact same name I’d say that’s probaly a strong possibility)



transparent yaranaikas for misc. purposes


I want a DashCon themed birthday party.

Complete with WTNV not showing up because I didn’t pay them, a ball pit, a bouncy castle, and demanding I get $17000.


sad scenes in Dried Up Youthful Fame?! what ever could you be talking about?!

meet me in the ball pit





Yes, there is a bouncy castle and a ball pit!

Do you ever see something just that fills you with such pure sadness and empathy for the human condition 


when ur confused pokemon do the move anyway


oisinking asked: with 17k you could buy 3400 tiny bad dragon dildos
todoyurika asked: For 17,000 dollars, you could buy a Club Penguin membership that lasts more than 283 years.