Yo to all, I'm Claus and my main fandoms are currently Evangelion, Free!, Attack on Titan, Dangan Ronpa, and lots of other gay shit. I translate manga and visual novels (I'll take requests - actually please tell me to translate things, I need practice) and if I ever have anything serious to say aka long rambling posts you can find it under the tag uselessahoge. I'm a homoromantic heterosexual ftm so please use he/him pronouns!
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Hello and welcome to my first giveaway ! It’s been a while since I wanted to do one, but since Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo/Absolute Despair Girl has just been released, I figured this could be the occasion to celebrate by doing a giveaway !

What you will get :

1. Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo : Dangan Ronpa Another Episode for PS Vita
2. Dangan Ronpa : Trigger Happy Havoc for PS Vita
3. Dangan Ronpa : The Animation artbook
4. Dangan Ronpa x Listen Flavor illustrations postcards
5. Monokuma Smartphone Stand x2 

The rules !

- You must be following me !
- 1 reblog = 1 entry, and you can reblog as much as you want !
- Likes do not count !
- Deadline : Sunday, October 19th, at noon GMT+1 (France) (click here to convert the deadline to your timezone)
- Open worldwide ! Of course, you won’t need to worry about shipping fees, I’m taking care of it.
- The winner will be picked using a randomizer.
- Your ask box must be open.
- You must be comfortable telling me your address.
- If the winner doesn’t reply 48 hours after being prompted, I will select another winner through the randomizer again, so please don’t forget to check your inbox !
- Feel free to ask me any questions !

Additional notes about the items !

The games
- Trigger Happy Havoc and Another Episode are respectively from Europe and Japan, but don’t worry, since the PS Vita is region-free, both games will work on any Vita from any region.
- THH is in English, but Another Episode is in Japanese only !
- Another Episode is brand new and still sealed !
- More pictures : Inside THH -  DRAE back cover

The artbook 
- It has 112 pages, and features profiles for all the students, storyboards, environment art, promotional art, 16 postcards (one for each student + Monobear/Monokuma), a poster, and more !
- It’s fully in Japanese.
- The poster is slightly torn at the bottom, sorry about this ! 
- More pictures : Back cover - Inside 1 - Inside 2 - Inside 3 - Inside 4Poster

The illustrations postcards
- Souda’s and Usami’s postcards are sealed.

The smartphone stand
- It’s one of the items in Another Episode’s limited edition, or available for preorder only.

Good luck !


exclusive footage of me waking up in the morning


The new Mario kart’s looking GREAT so far


i want hinata to live and learn


my beautiful sons


"what do you draw?!!"


The entire Dangan Ronpa fandom right now


where did yuta asahina go after swimming?



komaru sitting on a monoduck for all of your komaru sitting on a monoduck needs.


Just a little reminder at how fucked up the Danganronpa series are and how hypocritical it is to hate Another Episode for its dark themes. Seriously though, what were you expecting? The “villains” of the game are CHILDREN. That should have been alarming enough.